Vertical press

Vertical press


Indusys designs and manufactures vertical mechanical presses (40, 80 and 150 tons) that are designed for the production of a variety of components using progression tools.

Benefits are:

  • Welded steel press body with pre-stressed tension rods improves press stability,
  • Twin connecting rods balance tools and guarantee continuous trouble-free production,
  • Reduced down time by pneumatic raising of connecting rods,
  • Safety: Time reaction (all in one Ortlinghaus clutch & brake) and brake disc long lifetime,
  • Perfect tool centering: the press is ramless, the guide system is efficiently assured by the large columns of the tool, fixed on the frame,
  • Output up to 300 spm,
  • Stroke up to 100mm long,
  • Settings and statistics given by angular coder and touchscreen: cam settings, historical production counter, resettable daily production counter, press daily running time, stopping time per defect, greasing cycle time,…

Indusys can also supply other peripheral equipment including progression tools, strip decoiler, servo-feeder, strip tensioner, scrap cutter, conveyors, wash & dry unit, passivation plant…).