About us

About us

Indusys Technologies, founded in 1994, is located in LIEGE (Belgium).

The company is reputed for designing and manufacturing quality production machines, progression tooling and high speed quality control (by camera) systems for:

  • Shotshell cartridges used in sport shooting and hunting,
  • Rimfire cartridges used in sport and target shooting,
  • Power tool cartridges used in civil engineering (Hilti, Spit,…),
  • Safety related deep drawn metal parts such as airbag cups, belt tensioners, igniters for mines and quarries, ...

Apart from original machinery designs, Indusys is also skilled in mechanically and electrically upgrading existing machinery, their feeding systems, ergonomics and safety of use.

Such upgrades typically result in savings of 40 to 60% compared to the purchase of new equipment.

Our renovation work is carried out efficiently so as to ensure minimal loss of production time. In some cases, a standard exchange of machines is even possible.

Second hand machinery, tooling and accessories can also be bought and sold from our website. For more information, check the list online at the: “Second hand equipment” page.